Building Renewable Energy

Infrastructure Services
with Bridgelink Power

Bridgelink Power is a self-performing EPC that provides solutions for solar, wind, battery storage, substations, and transmission and distribution projects. Our renewable energy expertise and knowledge helps our clients achieve their goals, reduce costs, and deliver projects on time. 

Infrastructure Services


Our project teams at Bridgelink have extensive experience in solar energy design and construction of solar projects. Bridgelink has earned a reputation as a leader in providing civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering solutions in the solar farm industry. Our focus is to maintain client satisfaction by providing a fully bankable project from start to finish through efficient design, top-tier component procurement, bonded construction, and complete O&M services.

Bridgelink is dedicated to working alongside you from preconstruction to commissioning, and through to your next project. Our technical expertise, capacity to operate with full autonomy and our dedication to a zero-injury environment give way to transparent client communication, ensuring a positive and successful project experience. At the end of the day, our priority is the safety of our people, the profitability of our clients, and the prosperity of our communities.


Bridgelink has earned its reputation as a leader in excellence by maintaining an extensive network of experienced, safety-minded and trusted civil and electrical contractors. These knowledgeable team members arrange the design, purchasing and construction of wind energy projects.

Bridgelink acts as a single point of contact throughout the entire project, providing productivity and maintaining strict standards for quality control and safe operations. As the contact for wind energy projects, we can ensure project efficiency and on-time delivery of a successful generation site.


Bridgelink’s internal technologies center is leading the way forward into battery storage innovation. Our engineers are highly experienced in providing quality services for both corporate and industrial clients.

We have the technology and innovation to empower more renewables on the grid. We take pride in ourselves in making the energy we produce efficient and storable while working to achieve our goals in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

We provide behind-the-meter solutions for all our clients. We can do everything from storage to on-site solar, development and solutions for every renewable energy need.

At Bridgelink we provide clients with our single point of accountability business plan that allows us to accomplish renewable energy projects in a seamless manner from start to finish. We work on solutions to flatten the power curve and produce top-tier renewable energy.


Bridgelink is a growing leader in substation design and construction in the United States. Our team of technicians and electrical engineers specialize in substation equipment and substation construction, making Bridgelink a top choice to tackle any substation project. From planning and design to engineering and commissioning, our turnkey organization’s electric capabilities are endless.


Bridgelink has installed power lines, constructed infrastructure, and brought technology to places that lack connectivity. Our skills in this area are an asset to those with industrial and commercial power line needs. As an industry leader in transmission and distribution, our expertise allows Bridgelink to handle any type and any size of line work.