Preserving The Future

Bridgelink Power Services

 With a robust menu of services provided by Bridgelink, along with advancements in technology such as artificial intelligence and battery storage, we can achieve our vision through cost control enhancements, reduce intermittency, and output volatility.

Solar Energy Services with Bridgelink Power


We bring together community, landowners, and resources to develop world-class projects to reduce the carbon footprint. Bridgelink Power has an outstanding team to evaluate land-use environmental constraints and the community to make renewable projects a reality.

Renewable Energy Investment Services by Bridgelink Power


We’re experienced in raising capital to finance projects that generate sustainable long-term returns through structured power purchase agreements (PPA). Our ability to generate power has allowed us to establish strong relationships with some of the largest organizations around the world.​

Bridgelink Power Investment Services, Structured Project Financing, Lifecycle Development, Operation & Technology


With over 200 years of combined energy experience, Bridgelink Power has earned a reputation as a leader in the design, civil engineering, procurement, and construction of solar, wind, and battery storage projects.

Bridgelink Power Power Scheduling - Commodities Trading Desks

Power Scheduling

Our power scheduling desk is capable of managing the full range of trading, asset management, and hedging services necessary to support the physical or financial needs of C&I, wholesale counterparty off-take transactions, renewable energy developers, and merchant activities.